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askfelipinas sent: ▩ Our muses to be family (or like family) ((But I think that's pretty much canon already...)



((Remember when I said I was on an ask hiatus until the 12th of August?

I lied.))


//Early inhabitants of the Philippines are said to have come from Malaysia and Indonesia. The royals are also often related by blood or by marriage. Which is why the trio are often portrayed as siblings.

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#aph Philippines

aph Philippines


aph Philippines

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#And I really need to start taking this blog seriously again
Askbox closed

//Temporarily closing askbox to make sure I dont get anymore M!A related questions. Im just gonna finish the ones left before I re open it again.

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#first time drawing kidpool
#M!A: Love SK






M!A: Love SK

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#I wish I didn't discover that store
#they opened a branch in the mall
#that's the same store near our university where we buy art supplies from
#looks like my money is in danger

//my friend showed me the art supply store in the mall near our office. All those drawing materials I don’t even have the skills nor time to use! And yet I ended up buying some stuff. TwT

Anyway, I’ll be updating tonight. As soon as I get home of course. That m!a’s taking forever to finish.

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#My fave PH OCs
#APH Philippines


still anime trash. _(8D/<)_
APH OC, Luzon redraw. wow.

somebody asked for a mindy—..soooooo—



still anime trash. _(8D/<)_

APH OC, Luzon redraw. wow.


somebody asked for a mindy—..soooooo—

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#Phili won't back down on a sing along!
#Not part of the M!A
#only in your dreams

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#she loves her freedom so much
#real life history proves it
#And she's physically 17
#marriage would be the last thing on her mind
Anonymous sent: Nee... Doesn't it make you feel bad for Piri? I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to end being a Matandang Dalaga, but if you keep on stopping her I'm pretty sure she's end up like that though

//Not really. I’m sadistic//slapped


I’m pretty sure she’s ok with it. I mean, she’s a country. She will outlive us all. 

Besides, even though she seems in love with the idea of love, she still won’t be in a relationship anyway, even if I break my ‘no shipping’ rule. I think she loves her freedom way more.


*Matandang dalaga = Spinster; old maid; a childless woman who never married.

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#What attracts me to it is coz SK-Ph relations new
#so its exciting and you dont know whats gonna happen so there's a lot of possibilities
#Unlike other Ph ships with a long history
#most are all in the past or have too many cons to be considered a healthy relationship
#Wether I accept it or not doesnt matter
#coz I'll just cockblock it like all my other Ph otps
#Im neutral forever!!!
sassymelons sent: //whispers/ give in to the korpiriiiii--


haha! This is one ship that hard, almost impossible to cock block. Almost. hehe. I can still think of something!

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#she kinda looks like
#exelionstar's Ph oc


I’ve been itching to share this for a while now. My last project was Cinderella, and since there’s already one version of Cinderella for Far Faria, I decided to do a Filipino version version just to mix it up. 

You can download the app to read it here! 

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#Just adding to the milk wars
#good night!

Milk is a lie. I drank all kinds, and I never grew any taller than 5’2”.

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#not sorry
#gotta go earn some moneys
#your asks are killing me
#I'm gonna die of laughter
#mobile blogging

//Poor Phili. These M!As are supposed to last for only a short period of time or a limited number of asks. But coz of my schedule, they always end up lasting way longer than they should.

Or maybe coz I just enjoy torturing my muse//bricked

To those I’ve already disappointed, don’t worry. I’ll take this blog seriously again soon *cough*September*cough*. For now, let me have my fun.

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#text post

It’s France’s birthday today. I should send him my greetings.

…I wonder if he likes kpop posters?

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#I'll work on the others over the week
#M!A: Love SK






M!A: Love SK

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#You guys wanna test my cockblocking powers eh?
#I wanna finish all the M!A's I got last time
#M!A: Love SK

//M!A: Love - Phili is inlove with S. Korea for… I dunno. Maybe for the rest of this day, or for as many ask as I can answer before work starts.

I guess this only applies to 1p country S. Korea. AU’s and 2p’s don’t count.