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Anonymous sent: Did you know Vietnam's birthday was today? (2/09)

O-of course!

*runs to gift shop*

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        HEY GUYS!! BOY, DO HAKI AND I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU after some careful and mooonths (no really we’ve had this in the works for like so many months already, ive just been so busy)  we are holding a giveaway for the multitudes of followers we’ve gained in the past year or so.

so of course we have cool prizes for our giveaway that is:

  • one harry potter book charm bracelet made by Lani(Not pictured sadly)
  • two harry potter books to start off your own collection
  • two surprise Hetalia Merchandise for all your hetalia needs 
  • one beautiful digital art created by Haki
  • and some random fun sweets and chocolates (though tell me if you are allergic to certain things that is an issue)

Rules are that it will be for our followers so please dont follow for cool things to then unfollow thats rude uwu) Like and Reblog as much as you please.

SO This ends 9/31 11:59 EST and that gives you guys a month! 

                       happy blogging everyone!

let me just put this here))



Any character is fine— it also can be any fandom/OC. Mecha, nsfw, guro and furry are debatable, please be merciful to me ^ q ^;;;;

Good luck! 6 w <)bbbb

*Samples featuring Alice, Florist, Bartendie and my own grumpy brows. Sorry I only have Hetalia samples 9 w 9;;;;; 

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Please Signal Boost!


I hate to do this I really do ;w; But I don’t particularly know what else to do, those who follow me have probably seen me complaining about money and all that nonsense, and surprisingly this isn’t about that! I could care less about myself at the minute and all I have to do is hold on till my student loans come through.

But now it’s come up that my family are having financial trouble. My dad’s been trying really hard to bring money in, but despite that, the fact it’s not working very well means my mum gives him a hard time and I often have to sit and talk with him just so he can have a little vent and feel better, it really worries me since their relationship isn’t so good anymore.

Today he came up and explained that he was actually getting a pain in his chest from the stress and I really don’t want him to have a heart attack or anything ;A; idk if that can happen like that I’m no doctor but I just don’t like the fact he has all this pressure on him. Plus it’s even harder when I go back to university because there’s no one else he can talk to about his worries.

He’s trying even harder now, and at this rate he’s probably going to burn out. It’s upsetting to watch especially when I can’t do anything to even help him out ;w;

So with much hesitation and unhappiness I want to put my paypal forward and ask if you have anything to spare even 1 dollar or pound could you please help?

Even a reblog would be helping me out! I’ll even draw for you if you’d like! Look at it as a kind of ‘pay what you want’ commission; and even though I’m still learning 3d software and stuff I can try and sculpt some things in zbrush too if you’d want ;;

I really hate doing this and never want to again for as long as I live but at this time I’m not sure what else I can do to help them out of this strain.

My paypal is: sadisticbrit@hotmail.co.uk

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Today, it’s officially a year since I joined tumblr.

And no one has showed me the way out yet.

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#I'll continue the battle tommorrow
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ask-2p-straya replied to your post: //hmmn… That avatar AU… But too busy… …

ddooooooooo EEEET!

//lol. But first, let me face my mortal enemy,  technology.

I actually, I give up for today. I’m going to bed. Info overload. 

Good night!

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ask-gupta-egypt sent: ((Pssst, Zarah, for the background image, search up the academyoftumblr URL and add after the URL: post /12198833668 /how- to-stretch- background-image and see if it works. If not, tell me and I'll look for a different html code for you))

//Thanks yenpon! Actually, the blog moved, but I was able to easily find the new link. And it is working. 

Thanks again! 

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#Always wanted to do some bending animation

ask-australia replied to your post://hmmn… That avatar AU… But too busy… It would be…
((do eeeeet ;)



I have a different AU in mind, but I might give in to this one. Someday. But I can’t right now. 


Too busy…

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//hmmn… That avatar AU… But too busy… It would be a good excuse to practice action poses with, and maybe some fx animation… grrr….

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Anonymous sent: //...I just want you to know that your post about the anniversary and blog theme really confused me because it gave me EXTREME deja vu. I felt like this was the third time you've reblogged it because I had deja vu of feeling deja vu. You're sure its the first anniversary?

//Yes. My first post was dated Sept. 2, 2013.

Although, I have mentioned it several times before. So, I might have unintentionally induced your deja vu. Hehe. Sorry anon.

(= ̄▽ ̄=)V

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//tomorrow is this blog’s anniversary. Can’t believe it’s been a year!

And I still haven’t finished the theme!

How do you make the background stretch to cover the entire screen? Coz no matter how big make the image, it always end up as tiles.


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askbritainthegentleman sent: What's this now about sparkles that are too bright for humanity? Is Alfred just spouting rubbish again?

Check out his blog. And shield your eyes. 

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askalfiethehero sent: The sparkles were too bright for humanity

Yes. Yes It was…

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//Ok, that’s it for me. It’s way past my bedtime. 

Thank’s for amusing me with your funny asks! Dunno if I can continue it tomorrow. I’ll be working on the blogs’ theme and some images for it, and a comic page for next week. I just hope I finish it all tomorrow.

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Anonymous sent: Hey Feli! You're gonna be so glad to hear this cause I found your necklace, but someone was wearing it. All I can tell you about the person is that he was wearing something that Feliciano would wear...


How can you possibly know that that was my necklace? Do you even know what it looks like? All I have is a badly drawn picture of it as a result of mun’s laziness. 

And the possibility of it being in Europe seems highly unlikely to me. It’s probably lost forever, like everything else in my past.

Besides, you’re on anon. How can I be sure I can even trust you. I wasn’t born yesterday, you know!

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Anonymous sent: If Italy (or the Italies, rather) are #2 on your top favorite Europeam countries, who's number 1?


The big guy.

As of late, he is one of the top European investor in my country. Most of the European tourist we receive are also from the U.K. 

English originated from him, I think, so U.K. is a very convenient place for Filipinos to work.

He has helped me a lot in the past, and no doubt he’s a true gentleman!

…Well, most of the time…